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The fire detection control panels, according to its user and technical capabilities are divided into:

- conventional (zone) &
- Intelligent & (analogue-addressable).

The conventional fire detection control panels, which were predominant in the past, had more detectors connected into zones – each zone signifying one closed line circuit. Today they are becoming more a thing of the distant past because of their inferior and limited user and technical capabilities.

AM2000_N_big.jpgIn the past 5-10 years, the intelligent fire detection control panels are developed and implemented more. These systems can have up to 99 analogue-addressable detectors and 99 manual call points or different control / monitor modules per intelligent line. Such fire detection systems are very safe and reliable to use and do not generate false alarms due to dust contamination of their chambers.

From the countless advantages of these intelligent systems we would like to emphasize their capability (through special addressable monitor and control modules) to oversee and manage other technical (sub) systems such as fire extinguishing systems, dangerous gas detection systems, limited access, ventilation, power supply and other systems as well as their computerized (local or from a remote center) monitoring and control through graphical interface via specialized software.

The fire detectors can be categorized according their principle of work into:

- optical smoke detectors,
- thermal and thermo-differential heat detectors,
- spark and flames detectors &
- combined fire detectors etc.
M700K_big.jpgIncreased concentration of dangerous (toxic and explosive) gas substances in certain spaces above the allowed (normal) levels, can lead to fatal consequences to the people staying in that area and also in case of an explosion can lead to a large scale damage and destruction to the object in question.

in its program offers special systems for detection of dangerous gases as well as integrated solutions for gas detection into its proven fire detection solutions (systems).

The detectors used in these kinds of systems are specially constructed to detect only certain types of dangerous gases (vapors) such as: carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, propane, butane, earth gas, etc.

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